Shocking NHL Suspension: Rielly Out 5 Games for Greig Hit

Shocking NHL Suspension: Rielly Out 5 Games for Greig Hit

Ottawa Senators forward Ridly Greig caused quite a stir in the NHL by taking a controversial shot into an empty net on Saturday. However, the situation escalated when Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Morgan Rielly reacted by delivering a cross-check to Greig’s head, violating league rules.

The NHL’s player safety department wasted no time in taking action, announcing a five-game suspension for Rielly on Tuesday. Describing Rielly’s actions as a deliberate and forceful strike to his opponent’s head, the department emphasized the severity of the infraction.

This marks the first suspension or fine in Rielly’s 11-year career, resulting in a substantial financial loss of over $195,000. Despite the possibility of an appeal by the NHL Players’ Association, Commissioner Gary Bettman will have the final say, potentially involving an independent arbitrator.

While some Toronto players defended Rielly’s response to Greig’s controversial goal, the NHL’s player safety department criticized Rielly for not opting for a less aggressive approach.

With Rielly sidelined, the Maple Leafs face the challenge of compensating for his absence on the ice. Currently holding the first wild-card position in the Eastern Conference, they must maintain their position amidst competition from teams like the New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders.

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Rielly’s absence is particularly significant given his key role on the team, leading in ice time and contributing significantly in goals, assists, and overall points among Toronto defensemen.

This incident brings to mind a similar suspension earlier in the season when Detroit Red Wings forward David Perron received a six-game suspension for a similar cross-check to an opponent’s head in a reactionary play.

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