Siberia Frigid Grip Extends as Moscow Faces Snowfall Extremes

Siberia Frigid Grip Extends as Moscow Faces Snowfall Extremes

Moscow is grappling with extreme snowfall as temperatures in parts of Siberia plunged to minus 50 degrees Celsius (minus 58 degrees Fahrenheit). The blizzards have disrupted flights and set records for snowfall in the Russian capital.

In the Sakha Republic, home to one of the world’s coldest cities, Yakutsk, temperatures plummeted below minus 50 C, marking an unusually early cold snap. Several areas in Sakha experienced temperatures even lower than this extreme benchmark. Yakutsk, situated over 5,000 km east of Moscow, recorded temperatures ranging from minus 44 C to minus 48 C.

The permafrost region, covering almost all of Sakha, witnessed this severe cold, a phenomenon exacerbated by climate change, leading to thawing permafrost. The capital’s weather stations reported temperatures that were once rare, with minus 50 C becoming less common in recent years.

In Moscow, the heavy snowfall, among the largest ever recorded, disrupted airport operations. Runways were covered in thick snow, causing delays and cancellations. The capital’s three largest airports faced at least 54 flight delays and five cancellations, highlighting the impact of the extreme winter weather.

As Moscow copes with these challenges, the forecast predicts temperatures to drop to about minus 18 C later in the week. The city grapples with the dual challenges of record snowfall and the changing dynamics of winter temperatures. Moscow faces snowfall extremes, marking a noteworthy weather event in the Russian capital.

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