Social media reacts to customers wearing Apple Vision Pro goggles in public

Social media reacts to customers wearing Apple Vision Pro goggles in public

Users on TikTok and the social media platform X are reacting to videos of Apple customers sporting the new Apple Vision Pro goggles in public. The recent launch of Apple’s mixed reality headsets led to encounters with Vision Pro users, seen swiping wildly with their hands while wearing the devices.

Reactions on social media varied widely, with some finding it amusing while others expressed concerns about a dystopian future. Despite the mixed reactions, some users praised the mixed reality sets as the future of technology.

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Apple Vision Pro combines augmented and virtual reality, allowing users to control it with their hands, voice, and eyes. Priced at $3,499, it offers over 600 apps designed to utilize its capabilities fully.

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Although Apple released a commercial showcasing the device, most people will likely encounter Vision Pro users in public rather than trying it themselves. YouTuber Casey Neistat‘s video demo of the technology received significant attention on X, with mixed reactions from commenters regarding its safety and practicality.

Chris Clarke posted on X “The apple vision pro has made my job exponentially more productive. “
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