South Korea to Host Defense Show in Bid to Become Global Arms Exporter

South Korea to Host Defense Show in Bid to Become Global Arms Exporter

  • South Korea’s ADEX, its largest defense exhibition, showcases its ambition to become a Global Arms Exporter and emphasizes the goal of reaching the fourth spot in global arms sales.
  • The event features a rare appearance of a U.S. B-52 bomber, highlighting South Korea’s collaboration with the United States and reinforcing their joint military strength as a deterrent to North Korea.
  • South Korea seeks to expand its defense exports, building on a record $17.3 billion in arms sales and striving for $20 billion in defense exports, demonstrating its determination to play a more prominent role in the global arms industry.

Oct . 16 : South Korea’s pursuit of becoming a Global Arms Exporter is evident as the nation hosts its largest-ever defense exhibition this week. The Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition (ADEX) opens its doors, featuring an exceptional flyby from a U.S. B-52 bomber. This year’s event aims to propel South Korea toward its goal of being the world’s fourth-largest arms exporter.

With more participating companies than ever, ADEX anticipates over 450 senior defense officials from 54 countries, along with numerous professionals and the general public. Lee Jong-ho, the head of the organizing office, views this as a significant opportunity for South Korea’s defense industry to gain international recognition and take a substantial leap forward.

South Korea is actively working towards its objective of achieving $20 billion in defense exports this year, building on its record $17.3 billion in arms sales from the previous year, including substantial agreements with Poland for tanks, howitzers, warplanes, and rockets. While South Korea has typically ranked ninth globally in defense exports, President Yoon Suk Yeol is pushing for improvement.

The exhibition marks the 70th anniversary of South Korea’s alliance with the United States, resulting in a prominent display of American military power, including the rare appearance of a U.S. B-52 bomber. This strategic demonstration of strength, particularly U.S. nuclear-capable assets, is part of a broader effort to deter North Korea.

In light of these developments, South Korea’s defense industry is seizing the opportunity to promote itself on a global stage, aiming to enhance its reputation as a key player in the international arms market. However, not everyone supports this endeavor, as some activist groups denounce the arms trade, associating it with conflicts and suffering in regions like Ukraine and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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