Special WWE Fastlane 2023 Results:Seth Rollins tops Shinsuke Nakamura in brutal main event-7 Oct 2023

Special WWE Fastlane 2023 Results:Seth Rollins tops Shinsuke Nakamura in brutal main event-7 Oct 2023

WWE Fastlane Results
October 7, 2023
Indianapolis, Indiana (Gainbridge Fieldhouse)
Commentary: Michael Cole and Corey Graves
Results by: Ingrid Mueller of Viralbuzzusa.com

At Saturday’s WWE Fastlane event in Indianapolis, all eyes were on the anticipated match where John Cena teamed up with LA Knight to face off against The Bloodline. However, it was the main event between Seth Rollins and Shinsuke Nakamura that left an enduring impact on the night. Rollins, the reigning world heavyweight champion, successfully defended his title in a brutal Last Man Standing match.

Nakamura brought his A-game, relentlessly targeting Rollins’ previously injured back. Despite the relentless assault from Nakamura, Rollins exhibited remarkable resilience and absorbed everything thrown his way. In a heart-pounding encounter that lasted nearly 30 minutes, Rollins sealed the deal with a breathtaking falcon arrow through two tables, ensuring he retained his championship.

Rollins also had some unexpected assistance in preserving his title. Rhea Ripley played a pivotal role in convincing her Judgment Day teammate, Damien Priest, not to cash in his Money in the Bank contract before the main event even began. This strategic move by Ripley ensured that Rollins would leave Gainbridge Fieldhouse with his championship intact.

The Last Man Standing match between Rollins and Nakamura will be remembered as an intense and defining moment in the world of professional wrestling. Rollins’ ability to endure and emerge victorious solidified his status as a true champion, and the night’s events added a layer of unpredictability and drama that WWE fans won’t soon forget.

Highlights WWE Fastlane 2023 Results | October 7

  • Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso def. The Judgment Day | WWE Undisputed Tag Titles
  • LWO and Carlito def. Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits
  • Iyo Sky def. Asuka and Charlotte Flair | WWE Women’s Title
  • John Cena and LA Knight def. The Bloodline
  • Seth Rollins def. Shinsuke Nakamura | Last Man Standing Match for WWE World Championship

1.Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship — The Judgment Day (Damian Priest & Finn Balor) (c) vs. Cody Rhodes & Jey Uso

In the opening tag team match, Rhodes and Uso started strong, immediately launching an attack on Priest and targeting his leg. Judgment Day, however, quickly turned the tables by isolating Uso and employing quick tags to keep him away from Rhodes. The match saw several momentum shifts as the minutes ticked by.

Rhodes eventually received the hot tag, delivering a devastating Disaster Kick to Balor for a near fall. However, his neck had been targeted earlier in the match, forcing him to roll out of the ring temporarily. Uso retaliated with a powerful Uso Splash on Priest, reminiscent of Roman Reigns’ signature move, but Balor made a timely save.

The action intensified as all four competitors continued to brawl. Uso hit Priest with a spear, mimicking Reigns, but the arrival of Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio at ringside created a distraction. Uso confronted Mysterio but backed down from Ripley, leading to a near-victory for Priest and Balor after Balor executed a Coup de Grace, only for Rhodes to intervene with a save.

The match took an unexpected turn when JD McDonagh became involved, and Ripley used the Money in the Bank briefcase against Uso. Surprisingly, Uso managed to kick out, keeping the match alive. Priest executed a chokeslam on Rhodes on the ring apron and set up the commentary desk. However, McDonagh accidentally struck Priest in the knee with the briefcase, allowing Rhodes to hit Priest with Cross Rhodes on the desk.

In a dramatic twist, Uso and Rhodes executed a modified 1D on Balor, with Rhodes delivering a Cody Cutter off the ropes to secure the victory. This solid tag team opener concluded with an intriguing finish that will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing tension within Judgment Day.

Winner: Cody Rhodes & Jey Uso

2.Latino World Order vs. Bobby Lashley & The Street Profits

At the start of the match, there was an unexpected twist when Rey Mysterio’s mystery partner failed to make an appearance, leaving Mysterio in a challenging three-on-two situation. Predictably, this disadvantage allowed Lashley and The Profits to take control of the match early on, putting the pressure on Santos Escobar and Mysterio.

Mysterio did manage a brief comeback, displaying his incredible agility and resilience. However, the numbers game quickly caught up with him once again. The match took an unexpected turn when Zelina Vega got involved, executing a Meteora on Montez Ford outside the ring. Remarkably, this action didn’t lead to a disqualification despite the referee witnessing it.

As the match progressed, the mystery partner finally made his appearance, and it was none other than Carlito. He tagged in for Mysterio and immediately made an impact by delivering a backstabber to Montez Ford, securing the pinfall victory.

However, some fans and pundits questioned the decision not to position Lashley and The Profits as top contenders and to have them suffer a loss in this match. Additionally, the trope of the “mystery partner not showing up until the end of the match” was a source of frustration for some viewers.

After the match, there was a rather unusual moment when Xavier Woods had a pizza delivered to the commentary team, marking the second in-action Pizza Hut advertisement of the show. This advertising approach stood out and raised some eyebrows among the audience.

Winner: Latino World Order (with Carlito)

3.WWE Women’s Championship — Iyo Sky (c) vs. Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair

The triple threat match between Asuka, Charlotte Flair, and Sky had a unique start, with Asuka capitalizing on the no-disqualification rules by misting Flair in the opening moments. With Flair temporarily incapacitated and attended to by ringside physicians, Sky and Asuka engaged in one-on-one combat.

Flair eventually made her way back into the ring with authority, delivering a powerful big boot to Asuka and following it up with a devastating fallaway slam on Sky. The match then witnessed a hot exchange of offense from all three competitors.

Despite attempts from Sky and Asuka to take Flair out of the equation, she continued to fight her way back into the match. Flair showcased her prowess with crossbody blocks and chops, even executing a double suplex on both Asuka and Sky.

The action escalated further when Sky executed a springboard moonsault to the outside on Asuka, prompting Flair to one-up her with a top-rope moonsault that targeted both Asuka and Sky. A thrilling Tower of Doom spot saw Asuka come close to pinning both opponents, but both managed to kick out, keeping the match alive.

Moments of simultaneous submission attempts by Sky and Asuka on Flair added to the drama, but it was Flair who nearly secured victory with a spear on Asuka. However, the match took an unexpected turn when Bayley made her presence felt at ringside, despite Sky’s earlier insistence that she stay backstage.

Bayley’s distraction of the referee during Flair’s Figure-Eight submission allowed Asuka to tap out, but the referee didn’t see it due to the distraction. This opened the door for Sky to capitalize, hitting a moonsault on Flair and securing the pin to retain her title.

While the match featured three elite talents, some moments in the bout appeared somewhat sloppy, leading to a somewhat disappointing performance. Nevertheless, it remained an “above-average” contest with a surprising outcome.

Winner: Iyo Sky Still Women’s Champion

4.John Cena & LA Knight vs. The Bloodline (Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa)

In this high-stakes tag team bout, John Cena wasted no time in taking the fight directly to Jey Uso, signaling his intentions early on. Cena, with his trademark intensity, demanded that Uso tag in Jacob Fatu Sikoa, hoping to exploit what he believed to be a strategic advantage. However, this decision would prove costly for Cena as Sikoa quickly seized control, mounting an assault on the Cenation leader.

Cena found himself in a perilous situation for an extended period, desperately seeking the opportunity to tag in his partner, LA Knight, who remained on the apron, eager to enter the fray. Just when it seemed that Cena might be mounting a comeback, Sikoa halted his momentum with a stunning spinning heel kick.

After a series of thrilling exchanges, Cena finally managed to execute an Attitude Adjustment on Uso, seemingly setting the stage for the hot tag to Knight. However, before Cena could make the crucial tag, Sikoa intervened, knocking Knight off the apron and thwarting Cena’s plans.

Cena’s resilience came into play when he countered Sikoa’s top-rope maneuver with a well-timed low blow, turning the tide of the match. This was the pivotal moment when Knight finally received the long-awaited hot tag, entering the match with a burst of energy. Knight wasted no time in launching an offensive onslaught, which included a powerful DDT on Sikoa.

Knight displayed his agility and awareness, evading Uso’s attempted Uso Splash and responding with a powerful powerslam and an elbow drop. Cena also got in on the action, delivering a crossbody on Sikoa. However, the match reached a fever pitch when all four competitors found themselves on the canvas.

Following a chaotic scramble, Cena appeared poised to execute an Attitude Adjustment on Sikoa once more, but Uso intervened with a decisive superkick, preventing Cena from finishing the move. Nevertheless, Cena managed to execute a Five-Knuckle Shuffle on Uso, setting the stage for Knight to deliver the BFT (Blunt Force Trauma) finishing maneuver on Sikoa for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Cena attempted to raise Knight’s hand in a gesture of sportsmanship, but Knight declined and instead raised Cena’s hand. This symbolic moment signified mutual respect and the passing of the torch from Cena to the emerging star, Knight.

The decision to have Knight secure the pinfall was a strategic one, and with Roman Reigns returning to SmackDown, it is clear that The Bloodline will continue to grapple with internal turmoil. While the match may not have been an instant classic, the right choices were made, and it exuded an old-school charm, particularly in the prolonged delay before Knight’s entry into the contest.

Winner:John Cena & LA Knight

5.World Heavyweight Championship — Seth Rollins (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (Last Man Standing)

The build-up to the match saw Damian Priest backstage with the Money in the Bank briefcase, expressing his determination not to go home empty-handed. However, Rhea Ripley intervened, advising Priest to wait until the opportune moment, urging him to hold off for the night.

As the match kicked off, Shinsuke Nakamura initially avoided engaging with Seth Rollins, slipping out of the ring and prompting Rollins to give chase. Rollins seized a kendo stick but was unable to use it before Nakamura sent him crashing back-first into the unforgiving ring apron.

Rollins took things up a notch by removing the padding at ringside, exposing the concrete beneath. However, Nakamura managed to fend him off before any significant damage was done. Rollins responded by grabbing the ring steps and slamming them into Nakamura.

The match intensified as Rollins introduced chairs, trash cans, and tables into the ring, but Nakamura repeatedly thwarted Rollins’ attempts, targeting his legs and back with brutal shots using nunchucks and other weapons. Nakamura even placed a trash can over Rollins’ head and delivered a series of kendo stick shots to the can before focusing on Rollins’ vulnerable back.

Rollins eventually fought back, delivering a barrage of kendo stick shots to Nakamura’s back and striking him with a trash can to the head. Nakamura, however, showed remarkable resilience by beating the 10-count.

The match saw both competitors enduring an array of punishing moves and strikes, with Nakamura regaining control after a spectacular Russian leg sweep. A high-impact moment occurred when Nakamura crashed through a table propped in the corner after Rollins evaded his running knee.

Rollins capitalized by hitting a stomp, but Nakamura miraculously beat the count once more. The battle continued into the crowd, with Nakamura sending Rollins tumbling off the steps to the floor below and delivering multiple chair shots to Rollins’ back.

Rollins attempted to rally but was backdropped onto the exposed concrete at ringside, an area that had been uncovered earlier in the match. Yet again, Rollins managed to beat the count.

Back in the ring, Rollins executed a Pedigree, and Nakamura valiantly beat the count at the last moment. Nakamura responded by driving Rollins through a table with double knees from the second rope.

Rollins, refusing to stay down, fought back and placed Nakamura against the commentary desk. However, Nakamura gained the upper hand by climbing the ladder and misting Rollins, causing him to crash off the ladder and through the desk. Rollins beat the count yet again.

Nakamura backdropped Rollins onto a chair in the ring and attempted to drive him through a table in the corner. However, Rollins managed to slide out of the ring and land on his feet. Despite more brutality from Rollins, Nakamura staged a comeback, finishing Rollins with a Pedigree on a platform outside the ring followed by a stomp.

In the end, Rollins was the first to beat the count, securing the victory after executing a falcon arrow through tables below the platform, while Nakamura couldn’t recover in time.

The match was praised for its drama and pacing, avoiding many of the pitfalls associated with “too many counts” in Last Man Standing matches. However, the storyline decision involving Rhea Ripley advising Damian Priest not to cash in before the match raised questions among fans, as it seemed illogical not to capitalize on a potentially compromised champion after such a grueling contest.

Winner:Seth Rollins Still World Heavyweight Champain


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