Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Spotted Together at Chiefs Game, After-Party

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Spotted Together at Chiefs Game, After-Party

  • Taylor Swift joined Travis Kelce’s friends and family for an exciting day at Arrowhead Stadium, passionately supporting him during a Chiefs game. Travis expressed his admiration for Taylor’s bold move on his podcast, highlighting the positive feedback she received from everyone in the suite.
  • The duo continued their celebration post-game, with Taylor and Travis leaving the stadium together and hosting a lively private party at a trendy Kansas City restaurant, attended by Travis’s family and teammates, lasting until 2 a.m.

The Daily Mail uncovered a delightful story last Thursday, sharing that Taylor Swift devoted nearly an hour to mingling with Travis Kelce‘s circle of friends and family at his Kansas City residence last Sunday. Afterwards, they all climbed aboard a party bus en route to Arrowhead Stadium, where the Chiefs, led by Travis, dominated the Chicago Bears with an impressive score of 41-10.

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In a video clip shared by the outlet, you can witness the group strolling down the sidewalk near Travis’s residence while he was busy warming up at the stadium. Taylor Swift, naturally, took the spotlight at the game, proudly sporting Chiefs gear as she sat beside Travis’s mother, Donna Kelce, in his exclusive suite. She cheered on the tight end with infectious enthusiasm, engaging in chest bumps, high fives, and hearty cheers.

Travis, on Wednesday, took a moment to reflect on this memorable experience in a fresh episode of his New Heights podcast, co-hosted with his brother, Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles. During the podcast, he candidly shared the reactions of Mama Kelce, Dad Ed Kelce, and his close-knit group of friends regarding the presence of the pop sensation. “Big shout-out to Taylor for making the bold move to join us; it was pretty extraordinary,” he grinned. “What really struck me was how everyone in the suite couldn’t stop singing her praises, including our friends and family.”

He went on to say with a smile, “She looked absolutely stunning, and everyone had nothing but praise for her.”

According to a source, Taylor is planning to attend Travis’s upcoming game against the New York Jets this Sunday.

Reflecting on the experience, Travis stated on the podcast, “To witness the slow-motion chest bumps, to share high fives with Mom, and to see how the entire Chiefs Kingdom was thrilled that she was there – that was absolutely hilarious. It’s a game I won’t forget, that’s for sure.”

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In a post-game interview, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes jokingly admitted to feeling “a little bit of pressure” to get the ball to Travis, who indeed scored a touchdown against the Bears, all in the spirit of delivering a win for the Swifties. “I believe he was just as eager to reach the end zone as all the Swifties hoped he would be,” he quipped.

Later, Taylor and Travis were spotted leaving the stadium together in what Travis humorously dubbed his “getaway car.” They continued the festivities by hosting a private post-game party at a popular restaurant.

An eyewitness at Prime Social Rooftop, a chic eatery in Kansas City, shared with ET, “Travis reserved the entire restaurant for his family and team. Taylor arrived in a stylish denim dress, enjoying snacks, cocktails, and dancing alongside Travis. The affection between the two was evident, yet they kept the atmosphere fun and carefree. Travis’s teammates joined the after-party, along with his parents, Donna and Ed. The celebration lasted until the early hours, concluding at 2 a.m.”

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