The Real Reason: Why Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Divorce Got So Nasty?

The Real Reason: Why Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Divorce Got So Nasty?

  1. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas were seen having lunch together in NYC with their two young daughters despite Joe filing for divorce. However, the situation escalated when Sophie sued Joe to move the kids to the UK.
  2. The couple’s relationship had been strained for a while, with disagreements over Joe’s touring schedule and alleged control issues. Turner faced rumors of being a party girl, and the divorce process became contentious.
  3. The ongoing legal battle over where to raise their children remains unresolved, with both parties hoping for an amicable solution. Their focus is on the well-being and happiness of their daughters during this challenging time.

On September 18, there was a surprising sight in the Big Apple as former lovebirds Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas were seen grabbing a meal at Momofuku Noodle Bar Uptown in NYC. What’s more surprising is that they were accompanied by their two adorable young daughters. Despite Joe having filed for divorce on September 5, the atmosphere appeared surprisingly amicable as they sat together with their kids in a cozy booth at this casual Midtown restaurant.

Why Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Divorce Got So Nasty?

However, the unity didn’t hold for long. Just two days later, Turner, 27, took legal action against Jonas, 34, alleging that their children were being kept in the U.S. against her wishes to bring 3-year-old Willa and their 14-month-old, referred to as D.J. in court documents, back to her native England. In response, a spokesperson for Jonas released a statement to Us, asserting that Turner’s move was aimed at shifting the divorce proceedings to the UK and permanently relocating the children from the U.S.

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Fast forward to September 25, a judge made a decision, ordering that the kids remain in New York. However, sources suggest that this ongoing drama between the singer and the Game of Thrones actress may not be coming to a close anytime soon. Friends remain hopeful that they can be mature for the sake of their children, but it seems neither is willing to give in. This could potentially drag on for quite some time.

The battle over where to live is a significant issue. In her filing on September 20, Turner stated that she and Jonas had already made plans in late 2022 to establish their permanent residence in the UK and had even found a house to purchase in Oxford. Another source claims that Jonas had initially agreed to make the move because he wanted to make Sophie happy, and he supported her choice.

Why Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Divorce Got So Nasty?

But now, with their separation, Jonas is apparently hoping for an amicable agreement. Turner is determined to make the UK her full-time home, but eventually, a compromise will have to be reached, as indicated by a third source.

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It seems that troubles between the couple began surfacing about a year ago. Turner wasn’t thrilled with Jonas‘ decision to go on tour with his brothers Nick and Kevin. She didn’t want to be known solely as “the Jonas brother’s wife” and desired to maintain a separate family life away from the Jonas Brothers’ limelight.

Why Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Divorce Got So Nasty?

Additionally, sources reveal that Turner felt overwhelmed trying to juggle her career, two young children, and Joe’s demanding schedule, particularly while he was on tour. Being a mom on the road is no walk in the park, even with abundant resources, making it challenging for them to establish a routine.

Their relationship took another hit when they were spotted looking unhappy together at an industry event in March. Sources suggest that Sophie felt Joe was too controlling and didn’t appreciate his public flirting while simultaneously disapproving of her closeness to her male friends. It was evident that their marriage was deteriorating.

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Furthermore, Turner’s fans accused Jonas of spreading false rumors about her, labeling her as a party girl. Jonas seemed to address this backlash during a September 9 concert in L.A., telling his fans, “If you don’t hear it from these lips, don’t believe it.”

Sophie was deeply hurt by these allegations and claims she found out about the divorce through the media, which a source denies, stating that she and Jonas had discussed it beforehand. Yet another report suggested that Jonas had discovered something scandalous via footage from their home security cameras, with Turner allegedly making unkind remarks about him to a friend. This incident reportedly served as the final straw.

Why Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Divorce Got So Nasty?

Currently, Turner and Jonas are communicating through their lawyers. Sophie is focusing on motherhood and her work projects, in that order. She didn’t plan on being a single mom, but she’s making the best of it.

Joe, on the other hand, is leaning on his family for support. They understand that this divorce wasn’t an easy choice for him and are standing by his side. His brothers’ wives, Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Danielle Jonas, are attempting to remain neutral, offering support to both sides during this challenging time.

One thing everyone agrees on is that the children’s well-being and happiness are the top priority. Both Joe and Sophie are putting their best efforts into ensuring that their kids have the best possible outcome. At the end of the day, they both want some resolution.

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