The Really Good Podcast with Offset: Exploring Finance, Fashion, and Aliens

The Really Good Podcast with Offset: Exploring Finance, Fashion, and Aliens

Offset forgot to post a video and apologized, but he’s been busy canceling subscriptions and using Rocket Money to save and budget. He also monitors his credit score to improve it. In this podcast, Offset shares his aspirations of buying a private jet and encourages others to start their financial journey with Rocket Money. But the conversation takes some interesting turns, discussing fashion, personal experiences, and even aliens.

Let’s dive into all the intriguing moments from this podcast episode.

Offset on Financial Management and Rocket Money

Offset shares how he has been using Rocket Money to save and budget his money. He talks about the importance of canceling unnecessary subscriptions and monitoring his credit score. With Rocket Money, he hopes to achieve his goal of buying a private jet and encourages listeners to start their own financial journey with Rocket Money, which is available for a free trial on

Fashion and Individuality: A Spicy Conversation

The podcast takes an unexpected turn as Offset and the host discuss their fashion preferences. They share opinions on each other’s outfits, suggesting improvements and criticizing fashion choices. The conversation covers everything from choosing the right shoes to practicality in clothing. In the end, they agree that expressing individuality and being different is something that should be celebrated.

Humor and Misconceptions: A Lighthearted Interview

The interviewee, Bobby, joins the podcast and sparks a humorous discussion. Initially, there is confusion about which Bobby they were reaching out to. The conversation delves into some fun facts uncovered through Googling Bobby and takes a light-hearted turn. They discuss misconceptions and how reaching out to someone can lead to unexpected and entertaining conversations.

Offset’s Journey and Pursuit of Success

Offset talks about his name and the reasons behind the change from Chiari to Offset. He shares his passion for fashion and emphasizes the importance of dressing well. The conversation continues with a discussion on podcasting as a lucrative career option and Offset’s ultimate goal of becoming an actress. They touch upon the success of other podcasters and the potential of the medium.

From Drinking Habits to Thrilling Experiences

The podcast takes a lighter tone as the participants discuss their drinking preferences and habits. They share anecdotes and recommendations, leading to a discussion on thrilling experiences like roller coasters and skydiving. The conversation highlights their aspirations, hesitations, and the thrill they find in these activities.

Controversial Topics and Humorous Moments

The conversation takes a twist as controversial topics like taxes and lying about income are brought up. There is a disagreement on personal questions about income, leading to a humorous exchange. The podcast explores personal experiences and high school memories, tying into the pursuit of wealth and success through podcasting.

Unveiling the Unspoken: Confirmed Presence of Aliens

In a surprising revelation, the podcast mentions the confirmed presence of aliens. They discuss how this topic is rarely talked about and the implications it might have. It adds an intriguing element to the conversation and sparks curiosity.

The Fascination with TikTok and Reading Comments

The podcast delves into the fascination with TikTok and the joy of reading comments. They talk about the insights comments can provide and the importance of engaging with the audience. The conversation reveals the guest’s career based on TikTok and the criticisms they receive, as well as their venture into the music industry.

Reflecting on Finale and Pop Culture References

In the finale of the podcast, they reflect on the month’s events and mention Popeyes as a part of popular culture. It concludes on a lighthearted note, wrapping up the conversation and leaving the listeners with a smile.


The Really Good Podcast with Offset is a rollercoaster ride of topics and conversations. From financial management to fashion critiques, personal experiences to thrilling activities, and even the presence of aliens, this podcast covers it all. It showcases the diverse and captivating nature of conversations and offers glimpses into the lives and perspectives of the guests. The podcast leaves a lasting impression and encourages listeners to explore different topics and embrace their individuality.

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