Treasury Chief Yellen’s 2024 Economic Outlook Revealed

Treasury Chief Yellen’s 2024 Economic Outlook Revealed

With the 2024 election on the horizon, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen expressed optimism about the economic outlook, stating that she sees “no reason” for a recession this year. In an exclusive interview with ABC News Correspondent Elizabeth Schulze in Chicago, Yellen emphasized the growing confidence among consumers regarding their finances.

“I believe 2024 will be a prosperous economic year,” Yellen remarked. “Consumers and households are feeling confident about their financial situations and the overall economic outlook. This confidence is translating into increased spending, job creation, and economic growth, providing them with the means to sustain this positive momentum.

Yellen’s remarks follow a year of remarkable economic growth that surpassed economists’ expectations of a recession, a trend the Biden administration aims to leverage to shift voters’ predominantly pessimistic views on the economy before the election.

We’ve observed a significant improvement in consumer sentiment in recent surveys,” noted Yellen.

Recent data from the Commerce Department revealed that the American economy expanded at a faster rate than anticipated in the fourth quarter, driven by robust consumer spending and substantial investments from businesses and state/local governments throughout the year. Additionally, inflation has been on a steady decline from its peak, while the unemployment rate remains near a record low of 3.7%.

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However, Yellen acknowledged that although inflation is showing signs of improvement, everyday expenses are unlikely to return to pre-pandemic levels.

Most Americans understand that prices are unlikely to decrease. The Federal Reserve’s goal is to prevent further increases in prices rather than pushing them back to previous levels,” she explained.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen addresses the Chicago Economic Club in Chicago, on Jan. 25, 2024.
Kamil Krzaczynski/AFP via Getty Images

Yellen also highlighted a stark contrast with her generation’s experiences, acknowledging the increasing difficulty in achieving the American dream.

In my upbringing, a significant majority of people in my generation outperformed their parents. However, these numbers have significantly declined, challenging the essence of the American dream,” Yellen reflected.

There are regions in the country where economic progress has been limited. This needs to change to revive the belief in the vitality of the American dream,” she concluded.

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