Trump Drops $500 Million Lawsuit Against Ex-Lawyer Michael Cohen

Trump Drops $500 Million Lawsuit Against Ex-Lawyer Michael Cohen

  • Former President Donald Trump has unexpectedly dropped his $500 million lawsuit against ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, who testified before a Manhattan grand jury.
  • Trump’s lawsuit had accused Cohen of violating legal conduct rules by disclosing confidences and spreading falsehoods through various media channels.
  • Trump, facing multiple legal battles, paused his fight with Cohen, who had characterized the lawsuit as retaliatory intimidation.

Oct.6:Former U.S. President Donald Trump has taken a surprising turn in his legal battle, filing a notice to voluntarily drop his $500 million lawsuit against his ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen. This abrupt move comes after Cohen had testified before a Manhattan grand jury, which had led to Trump’s lawsuit. Trump’s legal team submitted the notice of dismissal without prejudice in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida. Trump was set to be deposed by Cohen but has now withdrawn the lawsuit, a decision welcomed by Cohen’s legal team. Cohen had previously called the lawsuit a retaliatory intimidation tactic.

In April, Trump initiated the lawsuit, just eight days after pleading not guilty to 34 criminal charges brought by the Manhattan district attorney’s office. These charges included a $130,000 hush money payment to the adult film actress Stormy Daniels before the 2016 presidential election. This marked the first of four indictments against Trump, with others related to his attempts to overturn President Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory and mishandling of classified documents after leaving the White House. Trump has pleaded not guilty in all cases.

A spokesperson for Trump cited the temporary pause in the legal fight with Cohen, attributed to Trump’s other ongoing legal battles. Trump remains the leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination in the 2024 elections.

Cohen, on the other hand, served part of a three-year prison term after admitting guilt in 2018 to campaign finance violations and tax evasion. His 2020 book, “Disloyal: A Memoir,” achieved best-seller status in The New York Times.

Trump’s lawsuit against Cohen alleged violations of lawyer conduct rules, including the disclosure of Trump’s confidences and the dissemination of false information through books, podcasts, and media appearances. The lawsuit also claimed damage to Trump’s reputation.

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