WWE Monday Night RAW Results – Oct 2, 2023

WWE Monday Night RAW Results – Oct 2, 2023

WWE Raw Results
October 2, 2023
San Jose, California (SAP Center at San Jose)
Commentary: Michael Cole and Wade Barrett
Results By: Ingrid Mueller of Viralbuzzusa.com

The show kicked off with an explosive pull-apart brawl between Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. The two fierce competitors couldn’t contain their animosity, and chaos ensued in the ring.

Suddenly, Raquel Rodriguez stormed into the ring, joining the fray and unleashing a barrage of forearm shivers. However, in the heat of the moment, Rodriguez accidentally dropped Baszler with a thunderous Big Boot.

Nia Jax took advantage of the situation and launched a surprise attack on Rodriguez from behind. Just when it seemed like the brawl couldn’t get any more intense, Rhea Ripley made her dramatic entrance, charging down to the ring.

Ripley wasted no time, swiftly taking Jax down with a double-leg takedown and transitioning into a ground and pound attack. The chaos escalated further as all hell broke loose in San Jose. Ripley even turned her attention to the security guards, laying them out in her path of destruction.

As Jax, Baszler, and Rodriguez continued their brawl up the ramp, Rhea Ripley stood tall in the ring, making a powerful statement and setting the tone for an action-packed evening.

1.Alpha Academy (Chad Gable and Otis) w/ Maxxine Dupri vs. Imperium (Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci) for Tag Team Match

Kaiser and Gable kicked off the action, locking up collar and elbow style. Ludwig managed to push Chad into the corner, but Chad quickly evaded with a slick move, executing a deep arm drag and transitioning into a side headlock. Chad was then sent off the ropes, and he responded with a powerful shoulder block. Ludwig followed it up with a seated armbar, showcasing some German precision.

In a swift change of events, Kaiser tagged in Vinci, who wasted no time pummeling Gable in the corner. Chad, however, came back with a spectacular flying headscissors. He then attempted a German suplex and followed it up with an ankle lock, but Giovanni managed to kick him aside just in time!

Chad executed a suplex, but he landed on his feet, showing incredible agility, and then delivered an explosive exploder suplex. Otis came in like a powerhouse, sending Gable flying with a back body drop, colliding with Vinci as we headed into a commercial break.

As we returned from the break, Gable was dishing out chops to Kaiser. Ludwig delivered a sliding uppercut that sent Gable tumbling out of the ring. Vinci took advantage of the situation and slammed Gable onto the apron with a powerful back suplex. Kaiser wasted no time, hitting a hesitation dropkick that sent Chad to the floor. Back in the ring, Gable attempted a backslide pin for a near fall. Giovanni then dropped him with a thunderous lariat, and Ludwig tagged in.

Chad managed to lock in an ankle lock, but Kaiser fought his way out, countering with a move known as the Everest German. Dozovic was eagerly waiting for the tag and exploded into the ring. He unleashed a barrage of offense, including a lariat, a backfist, and a colossal exploder suplex. He then followed it up with a Stinger Splash and caught Vinci in a World’s Strongest Slam to set up the Caterpillar!

Dozovic hoisted Ludwig over the turnbuckles, but Vinci made the save and turned it into an impressive crossbody maneuver alongside Kaiser.

Winner : Imperium (Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci)

2.Cedric Alexander vs. “Big” Bronson Reed

The action kicked off with Alexander launching a flying forearm smash, catching Reed off guard. He followed up with a rapid series of strikes in the corner, but Reed managed to shove him away. However, Alexander wasn’t done and charged back in with a running forearm smash, trying to maintain the upper hand.

Reed retaliated with a powerful Headbutt to halt Alexander’s momentum. But Alexander wasn’t about to back down; he dropkicked Reed into the turnbuckles and then executed a Missile Dropkick, sending Reed tumbling to the outside. To keep the pressure on, Alexander performed a Wrecking Ball Dropkick, followed by a daring Suicide Dive and a spectacular Somersault Plancha.

Reed, however, had his own plans and shoved Alexander towards the barricade, turning the tide of the match. Reed delivered a punishing back elbow smash and then clotheslined Alexander while he was mid-air. Reed whipped Alexander across the ring, but Alexander managed to duck a clothesline and countered with The Neuralyzer for a near fall.

With the crowd on the edge of their seats, Alexander climbed to the top turnbuckle. He skillfully avoided Reed’s attempted Press Slam and dodged a forearm strike. But Reed wasn’t to be denied, as he dropped Alexander with a thunderous Running Crossbody Block. Reed followed it up with a Running Senton Splash and sealed the victory with his devastating move, The Tsunami.

Winner : “Big” Bronson Reed

3.Xavier Woods vs. Ivar

Kofi Kingston joined the commentary team for this thrilling match. It all started with Xavier Woods, who wasted no time and began with a Shotgun Dropkick, aiming to gain an early advantage. Woods followed up with a combination of chops and haymakers, showing his determination.

Ivar, however, wasn’t one to be pushed around. He gave Woods a strong shove across the ring and then Woods countered with a Rising Knee Strike. Woods continued to press the attack with a chop/forearm combination. Ivar reversed an Irish whip from Woods, but Woods displayed agility by diving over Ivar. In a sudden burst of power, Ivar dropped Woods with a Leaping Seated Senton from the opposite corner, showing off his own athleticism.

Ivar didn’t stop there and delivered The Exploder Suplex, followed by The Bronco Buster, which earned him a two-count. He continued with clubbing crossfaces and launched Woods into the corner. Woods, however, fought back by kicking Ivar in the face. When Ivar went for a Belly to Back Suplex, Woods landed back on his feet. Woods dodged two clotheslines from Ivar, slid under his legs, and then hit a Superkick. He followed it up with a clothesline that sent Ivar over the top rope.

Ivar managed to avoid The Wrecking Ball Dropkick and sent Woods back-first into the LED barricade. However, during the commercial break, Ivar regained control of the match. He attempted a Tiger Driver, but Woods skillfully landed back on his feet. Woods countered with a knee lift, followed by his unique combination offense. He then executed The Death Valley Driver for a close two-count.

Ivar struck back with a Backbreaker and a powerful bodyslam. Climbing the turnbuckles, Ivar aimed for a high-risk move. But Woods had other plans, delivering clubbing blows to Ivar’s back and attempting a PowerBomb. Ivar fell on top of Woods but was unable to secure the victory.

Ivar then went for a Flying Splash, but Woods managed to evade it just in time. Woods quickly countered with The La Magistral for a near fall. Ivar retaliated with a kick to the gut and tried for another PowerBomb, but once again, Woods landed back on his feet. Finally, Woods connected with The BackWoods, securing the victory.

After the match, Ivar showed his frustration by attacking Woods from behind. Kofi Kingston rushed to Woods’ aid, striking Ivar with a Flying Tomahawk Chop. However, Ivar responded with two Spinning Heel Kicks and planted Kofi with a Tiger Driver into Woods. To top it off, Ivar landed The Moonsault, making a powerful statement to close out the encounter.

Winner : Xavier Woods

4.WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Chelsea Green w/ Piper Niven vs. Tegan Nox

In this intense matchup, Green delivered a devastating Big Boot that sent Nox crashing to the canvas. Green celebrated with a high-five from Niven, showing a sense of camaraderie. However, Nox wasn’t ready to give up, and she surprised everyone with a quick inside cradle, but it only earned her a two-count.

Nox retaliated with a Running Uppercut, going for another pin attempt, but Green managed to kick out at two. The action continued with Green dodging Nox’s signature move, The Shiniest Wizard. Green then added insult to injury by slapping Nox in the face.

Nox, however, blocked Green’s attempt to hit The Unprettier and answered back with a Headbutt. Green responded with a powerful Superkick that sent Nox tumbling to the floor. Green, fueled with confidence, started barking at Niven, possibly underestimating her opponent.

But Nox wasn’t out of the fight yet. She slid back into the ring and delivered a straight right hand to Green. Niven tried to interfere, but Nox managed to catch Green in mid-air, executing a Cannonball Senton off the ring apron. With Green back in the ring, Nox wasted no time and rolled her opponent back inside.

As the match reached its climax, Nox sent Green chest-first into the canvas and followed it up with a breathtaking Somersault Senton. The final blow came when Nox connected with her devastating finishing move, The Shiniest Wizard, securing the victory.

After the match, Nox shared a heartfelt moment as she hugged Natalya, adding a touching conclusion to this hard-fought battle in the ring.

Winner : Tegan Nox

5.Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz

Adam Pearce wasted no time, making this match official during the commercial break. The Miz quickly bailed out of the ring, seemingly looking for an opportunity to regroup. But Drew McIntyre wasn’t about to let him off the hook that easily.

McIntyre pursued Miz outside the ring, and Miz tried to gain an advantage by putting the boots to McIntyre. However, it backfired as McIntyre retaliated by repeatedly driving Miz’s back into the ringside barricade. The Scottish Warrior then added a knife-edge chop for good measure.

Miz managed to turn the tables briefly, sending McIntyre face-first into the unforgiving steel ring post. He followed this up with a Running Boot and a series of stomps on McIntyre’s chest. Miz even resorted to raking McIntyre’s eyes to maintain control.

Despite Miz’s efforts, McIntyre proved his resilience with two powerful Overhead Belly to Belly Suplexes. He then ducked a clothesline attempt from Miz, countered with a NeckBreaker, and quickly popped back to his feet.

Miz attempted to block McIntyre‘s signature move, the Future Shock DDT, but McIntyre had other plans. He launched Miz over the top rope and delivered a knee lift. Miz responded with a CodeBreaker in the ropes, but McIntyre wasn’t done yet.

McIntyre took advantage of Miz‘s attempt to remove the top turnbuckle pad and used it to his advantage. He viciously slammed Miz’s head onto the exposed steel, causing immense pain. Finally, McIntyre executed The Future Shock DDT, securing the victory.

After the match, McIntyre showed sportsmanship and apologized for his aggressive actions, perhaps reflecting on the intensity of the battle they had just fought.

Winner : Drew McIntyre

6.Gunther (c) vs. Tommaso Ciampa For WWE Intercontinental Championship

As the bell rang, Tommaso Ciampa wasted no time and launched a flurry of strikes against Gunther. Ciampa began with a knife-edge chop and attempted to wrestle Gunther down to the mat. However, Gunther had different plans and backed Ciampa into the ropes. Ciampa responded with clubbing lariats against the ropes and ducked under a chop from Gunther.

Gunther countered with a double-leg takedown and swiftly applied The Boston Crab, trying to exert pressure on Ciampa. He stomped on Ciampa’s midsection and kicked him out of the ring. Ciampa, however, managed to land on his feet when Gunther attempted a Bodyslam. Ciampa seized the opportunity and sent Gunther face-first into the steel ring post, followed by a Lou Thesz Press and a barrage of haymakers.

Ciampa then applied The Sicilian Stretch, trying to wear down Gunther. But Gunther reached the bottom rope, forcing the break. Gunther regrouped on the outside and applied a wrist lock. The two engaged in a brutal chop exchange, and Gunther followed it up with a bodyslam and a kick to Ciampa’s face. Gunther continued to assert dominance by choking Ciampa with his boot and delivering a quick chop.

Ciampa, showing his resilience, fought back by running Gunther into the turnbuckles and reapplying The Sicilian Stretch. Gunther scrambled toward the bottom rope again, forcing another break. Gunther then pulled Ciampa out of the ring and delivered two blistering chops. He proceeded to slam Ciampa’s head onto the steel ring steps, targeting his right hand.

Ciampa returned the favor by slamming Gunther’s right hand onto the announce table repeatedly. He reset the referee’s ten-count and continued the assault, slamming Gunther’s head onto the steel ring steps once more. In a fierce display of determination, Ciampa repeatedly kicked Gunther’s face and denied The Fairy Tale Ending.

Gunther retaliated with The Shotgun Dropkick for a near fall. Ciampa blocked The PowerBomb and countered with The Reverse DDT. He followed it up with The Running Pump Knee Strike for another near fall and continued his relentless assault on Gunther’s face with kicks.

Gunther denied The Fairy Tale Ending once more and delivered a knife-edge chop. He executed The Sleeper Suplex for a close two-count. Ciampa, not giving up, hammered down on Gunther’s right arm and locked in The Sicilian Stretch once again. Gunther reached the bottom rope, prompting another break.

In a third and brutal chop exchange, Ciampa kicked Gunther in the face, but Gunther blocked Project Ciampa. Gunther retaliated with The Doctor Bomb and attempted a Powerbomb, which Ciampa countered with The Reverse DDT. Ciampa then kicked Gunther in the face again, but Gunther denied The Fairy Tale Ending one final time.

Gunther applied The Sleeper Hold, making Ciampa pass out. After the match, Imperium attacked Ciampa, but Johnny Gargano stormed into the ring to make the save. Gargano delivered a Slingshot Spear to Kaiser and followed it up with two Superkicks. DIY, the reunited team of Ciampa and Gargano, planted Vinci with Meeting In The Middle, concluding the show on a high note.

Winner by Technical Knockout : Gunther

Other Highlights From WWE Monday Night RAW Results – Oct 2, 2023

1.WWE Intercontinental Championship contract signing

Gunther is gearing up to put his Intercontinental Championship on the line against Tommaso Ciampa. This Saturday’s showdown promises to be a blockbuster, and the excitement is building as they prepare to make this match official with a contract signing this week.

But brace yourselves, because WWE fans know that contract signings often take unexpected turns. There’s a high chance that tensions will escalate, and what’s supposed to be a simple signing could quickly spiral into an all-out brawl. In such a scenario, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Imperium launching a fierce attack on Ciampa, trying to gain a psychological edge.

However, wrestling fans love surprises, and it’s possible that Alpha Academy might step in to defend Ciampa from Imperium’s onslaught. This could potentially lead to an impromptu Six-Man Tag Team Match, adding even more excitement and unpredictability to the upcoming clash for the Intercontinental Championship. Wrestling enthusiasts will want to keep a close eye on this contract signing, as it might just set the stage for an unforgettable showdown this Saturday!

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