WWE Monday Night RAW Results – Oct 30, 2023

WWE Monday Night RAW Results – Oct 30, 2023

Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley enters the ring, flanked by NXT North American Champion “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh. Ripley kicks things off by welcoming everyone to WWE Monday Night RAW, emphasizing that they prove their dominance week after week. It’s not just talk; they’ve taken down every Superstar in their path. Last week, Damian Priest delivered a brutal blow to Cody Rhodes, just the beginning of their reign. Tonight, “Dirty” Dom, or Latino Heat, will take on Ricochet, reminding him not to disrespect the Judgment Day. JD McDonagh is set to face Seth “Freakin” Rollins, giving him a taste of what it means to oppose the Judgment Day.

Now, turning to Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre, the ball is in their court. The one who makes the right deal with the Judgment Day will determine whether they leave Crown Jewel as losers or the World Heavyweight Champion. Speaking of Crown Jewel, Ripley is ready to step into the ring with four of WWE’s fiercest women. For her, it’s another chance to prove her dominance in WWE and show why she’s always on top.

The speech is interrupted by Sami Zayn’s music. The crowd erupts in a “Sami” chant. Zayn, though uninvited, steps in to express his frustration. He’s tired of hearing about the Judgment Day’s power and their control over Monday Night RAW. Zayn’s entire career has been a battle against those who abuse power. He’s all about rebellion and resistance. He’s willing to fight the Judgment Day, even if it means taking them on single-handedly, until their dominance is no more. The crowd rallies behind Zayn with another “Sami” chant, showing their support for his fight against the Judgment Day and their abuse of power.

Quick Match Results
— NXT North American Champion “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio def. Ricochet (non-title)
— The Creed Brothers (Brutus and Julius Creed) def. Alpha Academy (Chad Gable and Otis) in a Tag Team Match
— DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa) def. Imperium (Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci) in a Tag Team Match
— Xia Li def. Candice LeRae via Referee’s Decision
— World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins def. JD McDonagh (non-title)
— WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Chelsea Green def. Natalya in a Trick or Street Fight Match

1.NXT North American Champion “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio w/ Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley and JD McDonagh vs. Ricochet

We enter the match with Ricochet in action, showcasing his high-flying skills. He starts by taking down Mysterio with a handspring head-scissor takeover and follows it up with a swift dropkick, but it only gets him a one-count. Ricochet continues with punches and chops, and Rhea Ripley, who is at ringside, cheers for Mysterio. Ricochet attempts to send Mysterio into the ropes, but Mysterio holds on, countering by dropping Ricochet onto the apron and then pulling him crotch-first into the middle rope. To add insult to injury, Mysterio kicks Ricochet off the apron and onto the floor.

Mysterio heads outside the ring, driving Ricochet sternum-first into the commentary table, which earns him praise from Rhea Ripley. Back in the ring, Mysterio takes control, shoulder-charging Ricochet in the corner and delivering a harsh whip into the turnbuckles. Mysterio continues to stomp away at Ricochet in the corner while taunting the crowd. He gets Ricochet to his feet and whips him forcefully into the opposite corner. Mysterio attempts another whip, but Ricochet manages to twist to the apron and kicks Mysterio in the face. Ricochet springs off the ropes and lands on his feet when Mysterio moves, then follows up with a backflip dropkick and an enzuigiri. He proceeds with a northern lights suplex and transitions into a suplex, eventually nailing a standing shooting star press for a near fall.

Mysterio rolls out of the ring to catch his breath, but Ricochet doesn’t give him a moment’s rest. Ricochet delivers a spectacular suicide dive, wiping out Mysterio. After the commercial break, we return to see Mysterio applying a rear chin lock on Ricochet. Ricochet manages to fight back, elbowing his way out of the hold. Mysterio regains control with a midsection kick and proceeds to hit the Three Amigos – one, two, three suplexes in a row. He sets up for his signature move, the 619, but Ricochet manages to duck it and counters with a handspring back elbow.

Both competitors find themselves on the mat. Ricochet is the first to get up and starts landing punches on Mysterio. Mysterio reverses a whip attempt, but Ricochet catches him with a hurricanrana into the corner. Ricochet follows up with a running shoulder and heads to the top rope to deliver a diving cross-body block. He doesn’t stop there, going for a springboard moonsault off the middle rope, but it results in a near fall. Ricochet lifts Mysterio, but Mysterio resorts to a dirty tactic by raking Ricochet’s eyes. Mysterio manages to connect with a blockbuster and makes his way to the top rope. However, Ricochet outsmarts him by moving out of the way when Mysterio attempts a high-flying maneuver. Ricochet responds with a superkick, then sets Mysterio in position for a top-rope move.

Here’s where things get interesting. Rhea Ripley gets on the apron to distract the referee, while JD McDonagh goes for a cheap shot on Ricochet. However, Ricochet leaps at McDonagh, landing on the apron. Mysterio seizes the opportunity, quickly pulling Ricochet into the ring with a roll-up and sneakily placing his feet on the ropes for the win. Mysterio and the Judgment Day secure a controversial victory.

Winner : “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio

2.Alpha Academy (Chad Gable and Otis) w/ Akira Tozawa and Maxxine Dupri vs. The Creed Brothers (Brutus and Julius Creed) w/ Ivy Nile

Julius and Brutus Creed are all pumped up to be part of the Raw action, and Ivy Nile appears to be emotionally moved as she makes her entrance alongside them.

The match kicks off with Chad Gable facing off against Julius Creed. They engage in some mat wrestling, exchanging takedowns. Gable starts strong, landing an arm drag, but Julius quickly responds with one of his own. They lock up, and Gable secures a side headlock, ultimately taking Julius down with a well-executed drop-toe-hold before transitioning into a front facelock. Julius showcases his power by lifting Gable into position for a delayed vertical suplex, and from a seated position, he completes the suplex with sheer strength. Impressive!

Otis tags in to take on Brutus Creed. Brutus initially attempts a waistlock, but Otis throws him off. Otis then takes Brutus down with authority and sends him into the corner. Brutus manages to sidestep an incoming avalanche attack and follows up with a double ax handle from the second rope. This prompts Julius to tag in. The Creed Brothers coordinate, driving Otis into the corner, but he bursts out, delivering a thunderous double clothesline. Gable then tags in and joins Otis, both hitting the Creed Brothers with a pair of exploder suplexes, much to the delight of the crowd.

After a commercial break, the action continues with Brutus applying an armbar to Gable. Gable struggles to his feet, and Brutus sends him into the ropes. Gable counters with a leg pickup, attempting to lock in an ankle lock. Brutus, however, manages to roll through and gets Gable in a pinning attempt for a two-count. Gable seizes the opportunity and lifts Brutus, connecting with a brutal German Suplex.

Julius and Otis tag back in. Otis storms through the Creed Brothers, administering a fierce double clothesline. He follows up with scoop slams for both Brutus and Julius before crushing Julius with a short-arm clothesline. Otis unleashes an avalanche in the corner and adds a shirt-ripping touch to his performance. He then hits a Caterpillar Elbow Drop on Julius for a near fall. Otis grabs Julius, going for a World’s Strongest Slam, but Julius escapes and responds with a punishing knee to Otis’s jaw. Brutus tags in, delivering a double sledge to Otis’s chest. Julius follows up with a splash, and Brutus lands a standing moonsault, but Otis manages to kick out at two.

Chaos erupts as Gable re-enters the fray, taking Julius out over the top rope with a running cross-body block. In the ring, Otis and Brutus engage in a heavyweight showdown. Otis withstands several lariats from Brutus and eventually gains the upper hand. Brutus rolls and gets to the second rope. He takes a leap, but Otis catches him mid-air and slams him with the World’s Strongest Slam. The pinfall attempt follows—1…2…Julius breaks up the count with a remarkable 450 splash. Gable enters the mix with a spectacular moonsault, splashing everyone in sight!

Outside the ring, a scuffle erupts among Maxxine Dupri, Ivy Nile, and Akira Tozawa. Nile ends up delivering a German Suplex to Tozawa on the floor. Back in the ring, Gable is knocked out, and Otis delivers a crushing clothesline to Brutus. However, Julius is the legal man. He manages to get Otis into the electric chair, with Brutus leaping off the top rope to execute a Brutus Ball – an incredible tandem move. Julius proceeds to cover Otis, securing the victory with the three-count.

The Creed Brothers, alongside Ivy Nile, have made quite an impact on Monday Night Raw.

Winners : The Creed Brothers (Brutus and Julius Creed)

3.Tag Team Match
DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa) vs. Imperium (Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci)

The match starts with Johnny Gargano facing off against Giovanni Vinci. Gargano wastes no time, swiftly taking Vinci down with a hurricanrana and delivering a chest-chopping chop. Tommaso Ciampa tags in, and the DIY duo combines for a double-team head kick to Vinci. Gargano re-enters the ring and hits a basement dropkick. Ciampa tags back in and secures a side headlock. Vinci forces Ciampa into the ropes and lands a series of punches. He sends Ciampa into the ropes and blocks a kick before sending him down with a clothesline. Ludwig Kaiser tags in, blocking a boot from Ciampa. Vinci unloads a punch to Ciampa’s face and taunts the crowd. Kaiser guides Ciampa into the ropes. Gargano tags in, and DIY unleashes some double-team offense on Kaiser. Gargano knees Vinci off the apron and executes a suicide dive. DIY takes a moment to pose on the apron.

Gargano follows up with forearm strikes to Vinci’s face, but Vinci counters with a running European Uppercut delivered by Kaiser. Vinci then performs a back suplex on the apron. Kaiser executes a dropkick, sending Gargano off the apron. After Vinci and Kaiser clear the ring, Vinci grabs Gargano back to the outside. However, Gargano answers with an enzuigiri. He seeks a tag but is prevented as Kaiser pulls Ciampa off the apron. Kaiser connects with a remarkable tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, coming close to a pinfall. Gargano eventually fights back and nails Kaiser with a hard-hitting DDT.

Ciampa and Kaiser tag in. Ciampa lands a couple of clotheslines on Kaiser before delivering another one to Vinci. Ciampa continues his assault, targeting both opponents with corner clotheslines before taking them down in the center of the ring with a thunderous double clothesline. Kaiser is sent into the ropes and pummeled by Ciampa with a Lou Thesz Press. Ciampa delivers a punch to Kaiser’s face and executes a reverse DDT, nearly securing the win. Ciampa attempts the Fairy Tale Ending, but Kaiser manages to break free. Kaiser pushes Ciampa into the corner and executes a rolling Death Valley Driver. The near fall follows: 1…2… Gargano intervenes to break up the pin. Vinci rushes in, but Gargano takes him down and delivers a face-kicking shot. Kaiser connects with a head kick to Gargano. Ciampa kicks out after a near fall. Vinci provides a chop to Ciampa’s chest before climbing the ropes for a moonsault block, but he crashes and burns when Ciampa wisely evades. Ciampa capitalizes with a knee to Vinci’s face, and Gargano tags in. DIY hits their signature move, “Meet in the Middle,” which is a running superkick and knee combo, securing the win in impressive fashion.

Winner : DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa)

4.Candice LeRae w/ Indi Hartwell vs. Xia Li

The match begins, and Candice LeRae wastes no time as she aggressively takes it to Xia Li with a flurry of punches in the corner. She continues to pummel Li, driving her down with punches before delivering a snapmare takedown. LeRae quickly follows up with a step-up senton splash, but it only earns her a two-count. Li manages to roll to the apron and sweeps LeRae’s feet from underneath her. Li then swings her around, landing punches to her face and following up with some brutal chest chops. Li proceeds to drape the apron over LeRae’s head and delivers knee strikes. She re-enters the ring but is met with a boot to the face from LeRae.

LeRae seizes the opportunity to roll Li up for a pin attempt, but it only results in a one-count. Li retaliates with a vicious knee strike to LeRae’s face, followed by a nasty spin kick she refers to as “Sudden Impact.” She taunts the crowd after the devastating move. Li then tries to lift LeRae, but LeRae’s body goes limp, making it impossible for Li to continue the match. Concerned for LeRae’s well-being, the referee checks on her. Although LeRae slowly tries to get back on her feet, her knees give way, and she falls down again. With her condition deteriorating, the referee makes the decision to call for the bell, declaring that Candice LeRae is unable to continue.

Winner : Xia Li

5.Non-Title Match
World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs. JD McDonagh

The match kicks off with Seth Rollins wasting no time as he delivers a powerful big boot to JD McDonagh, sending him crashing down. Rollins quickly sends McDonagh out of the ring and starts unleashing a series of punches and chops. He relentlessly bounces McDonagh off the apron and continues his brutal assault. Rollins then delivers a sequence of devastating moves, including chopping McDonagh’s chest and smacking his back. He further intensifies the punishment by throwing McDonagh into the barricade. Rollins finally rolls McDonagh back into the ring.

Inside the ring, McDonagh pleads with Rollins, but Rollins remains relentless. He blocks McDonagh’s kick attempt and continues with a series of chops and brutal attacks. McDonagh attempts to fight back with a chop of his own, but Rollins swiftly dodges it and knocks McDonagh to the canvas. Rollins maintains a confident smirk as McDonagh writhes in pain. He positions McDonagh in the corner and bounces him off the top turnbuckle, then sends him into the ropes and executes a powerful back body drop. Rollins grabs McDonagh by the beard and pulls him up, only to turn him inside out with a whip into the corner. McDonagh lands on the apron and quickly snaps Rollins off the top rope before delivering a slingshot senton. McDonagh proceeds to assault Rollins in the corner, choking him with his boot. The referee intervenes, warning McDonagh, but McDonagh ignores him and continues to choke Rollins. McDonagh lands several punches on Rollins before Rollins counters with right hands and a fierce chop. McDonagh responds with a jawbreaker and sends Rollins into the ropes, but Rollins clings to the ropes. Rollins elbows McDonagh and executes a nasty back body drop over the top rope. He then goes for a big suicide dive, sending McDonagh over the commentary table. Rollins stands triumphantly on the table as the crowd sings his praises.

McDonagh manages to shove Rollins into the corner, but Rollins retaliates by catching him with an STO into the turnbuckle. Rollins proceeds to unleash a flurry of chops and punches before reversing a whip and hitting a pair of short-arm clotheslines. He kicks McDonagh and takes him down with another clothesline. Rollins executes a running forearm followed by an avalanche, but McDonagh evades. Nevertheless, Rollins responds with another clothesline. McDonagh counters out of a suplex and attempts a roll-up for a two-count. Rollins delivers a Sling Blade, followed by a running knee that nearly secures him the victory. Rollins positions himself in the corner, readying for his Stomp finisher, but McDonagh manages to evade in the nick of time. McDonagh gets out of Rollins’s Pedigree attempt and retaliates with a powerful headbutt. He climbs the top rope for a moonsault, but Rollins dodges, causing McDonagh to land on his feet. Rollins tries to execute a Pedigree, but McDonagh counters into a back body drop. Rollins bridges up and attempts another Pedigree, but McDonagh escapes once more. Rollins charges, but McDonagh counters with a standing Spanish Fly, resulting in a near fall. McDonagh seizes Rollins and sets up for a powerbomb. Rollins, however, manages to escape and hits a Buckle Bomb. He heads to the top rope for a Frog Splash, but Damian Priest, known as “Señor Money in the Bank,” makes his way down to the ring with a referee. Rollins still goes for the Frog Splash, but McDonagh gets his knees up and rolls Rollins up for a two-count. Priest stands at ringside, creating a distraction. McDonagh successfully crotches Rollins on the top rope, taking advantage of the situation. McDonagh knocks Rollins away, but Rollins retaliates with a splendid top-rope back superplex.

As a result of this intense match, Rollins’s back is in pain, but he remains focused on Priest, who is at ringside. McDonagh goes for a Pedigree on Rollins, but Rollins escapes and counters with a Pedigree of his own. Rollins then seals the victory with a Stomp, all the while keeping a firm gaze on Priest as he makes the cover.

Winner : World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins

6.Trick or Street Fight Match
Natalya vs. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Chelsea Green w/ Piper Niven

The Halloween-themed match takes place in a ring surrounded by carved pumpkins and tables filled with festive treats. Green starts off by taking Natalya down and playfully slamming a pie into her face, following it up with a cover for a two-count. She introduces a candy corn kendo stick into the mix, but Natalya retaliates by striking her in the ribs with it and delivering a powerful Discus Clothesline over the barricade.

Green fights back, hitting Natalya with a trash can lid and, with the help of Piper Niven, repositions a table in the ring. She once again uses the lid to deliver a punishing blow to Natalya before placing her on the table. Climbing onto the barricade, Green attempts a cannonball, but she ends up crashing through the table when Natalya moves out of harm’s way. Determined to continue the fight, Natalya brings Green back into the ring, but Green swiftly rolls out and makes her escape up the ramp.

However, Natalya grabs her and places her in an apple tub, preparing to lock in the Sharpshooter submission. Green makes her way back to the scene but is quickly taken down by Natalya, who tries to apply a double Sharpshooter. Green and Natalya fight out of the hold and knock Natalya down. Green seizes the opportunity and sets up a table in the ring, putting Natalya on the top rope and emptying a bag of candy corn, creating a makeshift bed of thumbtacks. Natalya regains control and powerbombs Green onto the candy corn for a near fall, adding a humorous twist to the intense match.

Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter once again, but Niven’s interference on the apron prompts Green to accidentally hit Niven with a pie. Natalya seizes the chance and knocks Niven off the apron. In the final moments, Green connects with her finishing move, the Un-Pretty-Her, to secure the victory in this entertaining Halloween-themed match.

Winner : Tag Team Champion Chelsea Green

7.Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion “Señor Money in the Bank” Damian Priest vs. Sami Zayn

The match begins with Priest taking a quick lead, swiftly bringing Zayn to the canvas. However, Zayn fights back with a flying elbow to get a one-count. Seeing that he’s in trouble, Priest rolls out of the ring, prompting Zayn to follow him. Outside the ring, Priest launches a counter-attack, throwing Zayn into the barricade. But Zayn seizes an opportunity and leaps onto the top of the barricade, executing an impressive moonsault block on Priest.

Zayn manages to get Priest back into the ring and charges at him, but Priest counters with a well-placed kick, sending Zayn reeling. Priest then whips Zayn into the ropes and delivers a powerful clothesline, showcasing his dominance. A series of chest kicks and punches follow, as Priest asserts control. He whips Zayn into the corner and crushes him with an avalanche maneuver, much to the crowd’s excitement. A Broken Arrow executed by Priest results in a near fall, as he continues to keep the pressure on Zayn.

In an effort to turn the tide, Zayn regains his composure, delivering a boot to the head and chopping Priest’s chest. Zayn then climbs the ropes, setting up for a high-impact tornado DDT, which effectively knocks Priest out of the ring. But when Zayn attempts a somersault senton from the ring steps, Priest sees it coming and moves away. Seizing the opportunity, Priest grabs Zayn by the throat and delivers the South of Heaven maneuver on the apron, leaving Zayn down and out.

Winner : Damian Priest

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