WWE Monday Night RAW Results – Oct 9, 2023

WWE Monday Night RAW Results – Oct 9, 2023

WWE Raw Results– Oct 9, 2023
October 9, 2023
The CHI Health Center
Omaha, Nebraska
Commentary: Michael Cole and Wade Barrett
Results By: Ingrid Mueller of Viralbuzzusa.com

WWE Monday Night RAW Results are back with a bang tonight (Oct. 9, 2023) at the CHI Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska. This episode promises to deliver all the exciting fallout from the recent Fastlane premium live event that rocked Indianapolis last Saturday night.

What’s on the agenda for tonight? Well, get ready because Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso are now the undisputed tag team champions, and they’ll be in the spotlight. Additionally, The Judgment Day has some matters to sort out. Keep an eye on the tension in this one.

But that’s not all! Raquel Rodriguez is out for revenge against Nia Jax following a recent incident, and it’s sure to be explosive. In another thrilling matchup, Kofi Kingston squares off against Ivar in a VIKING RULES match – a showdown you won’t want to miss.

Stay tuned for all this and more as WWE Monday Night RAW Results unfold. The action kicks off at 8 pm ET on the USA Network. Join us right here as we live blog the event, right below this line. We love GIFs and pics, so feel free to share those, but remember, no links to illegal streams, please.

Seth Rollins makes his grand entrance and grabs the microphone.

He opens up to the Omaha crowd, expressing that he’s in a unique state of mind tonight. Seth acknowledges the incredible power of adrenaline and how Shinsuke Nakamura pushed him to his absolute limits on Saturday. He recounts the moments during the match when he wasn’t sure if he could get back on his feet, but he pushed through. And there were times when he questioned whether he could keep Shinsuke down… but he managed it.

Reflecting on the aftermath of that intense encounter, Seth mentions that the entire arena echoed Nakamura’s theme, and he felt like he was on top of the world. However, as he made his way backstage, the adrenaline rush began to fade, and the harsh reality set in – his back is still very much injured.

Seth wants to be upfront with all of us – holding the title of World Heavyweight Champion is undoubtedly one of the most significant honors in his career. Still, he wants us to understand…

Ivar vs. Kofi Kingston (Viking Rules Match)

In a fierce exchange, Ivar delivers a punishing kick that sends Kingston crashing to the mat. But Kingston isn’t one to stay down for long, and he stuns Ivar with a sudden crossbody that takes him by surprise. Quickly, Ivar rolls out of the ring, seeking a moment to catch his breath.

Not one to let the action slow down, Kingston takes a daring leap, landing a high-impact dive that keeps the momentum on his side. Ivar, however, regains his footing and launches Kingston into the protective shields surrounding the ring.

Undeterred, Kingston dives off the ring steps, crashing onto Ivar with incredible athleticism. He then spots a table under the ring and begins to set it up, but Ivar strikes Kingston from behind, disrupting his plans.

Ivar delivers a massive splash onto the apron, causing Kingston to feel the impact. But Kingston retaliates by tripping Ivar off the apron and following up with a sensational diving splash from the second rope. The near-fall keeps the excitement alive in the match.

Following a break, Kingston takes control, driving Ivar headfirst into one of the Viking Shields. He attempts his signature SOS move, but Ivar resiliently kicks out. Kingston’s frustration is evident as he faces off against the formidable Ivar.

The battle takes a dramatic turn with a series of reversals, culminating in Ivar executing a tiger bomb on Kingston. However, Kingston refuses to stay down and kicks out once more. The action remains intense as Ivar lands a spinning heel kick that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

With the crowd buzzing, Ivar climbs to the top rope, looking for a high-risk maneuver. Kingston, however, seizes the opportunity and smashes Ivar with one of the shields, momentarily incapacitating him. Kingston then grabs Ivar by the beard and sends him crashing through a table at ringside.

Suddenly, Valhalla, seemingly out of nowhere, makes their presence felt, attacking Kingston. The chaos continues as Xavier Woods rushes to ringside, intercepting Valhalla. Woods sidesteps Valhalla’s charge, causing them to collide with the barricade.

Ivar, not to be outdone, crushes Woods against the barricade with a low crossbody. However, Kingston attempts to regain control by countering the Trouble in Paradise with a powerful powerslam through yet another table.

As the crowd roars in excitement, Ivar takes to the skies, executing a spectacular moonsault. Ivar pins Kingston, and the referee counts to three, securing a thrilling and hard-fought victory for Ivar in a match filled with breathtaking moments and unexpected twists.

Winner : Ivar

Raquel Rodriguez vs. Nia Jax

The moment the bell rings, Jax wastes no time and charges at Rodriguez, bulldozing her with sheer force. Jax follows up with a series of strikes, but Rodriguez isn’t one to back down easily. She retaliates with her own strikes and attempts to lift Jax but struggles to do so. In response, Jax forcefully sends Rodriguez crashing into the unforgiving ring post.

The battle spills out of the ring, with Jax continuing her relentless assault. She hurls Rodriguez into the ring apron and then into the barricade, showing no mercy in her pursuit of dominance.

Following a break, Jax maintains control, methodically working over Rodriguez. Despite the punishment, Rodriguez summons her inner strength and drops Jax with a powerful big boot. She tries once again to lift Jax, but her back gives out, showing the toll of the intense battle.

Seizing the opportunity, Jax runs over Rodriguez once more, executing a Samoan drop that leaves Rodriguez reeling. Jax positions herself for the Annihilator, but before she can execute it, Rodriguez plucks her off the top rope and delivers a jaw-dropping walking powerbomb. Both competitors find themselves down and gasping for breath.

Suddenly, the scene takes an unexpected turn as Rhea Ripley rushes down to the ring. She tosses Rodriguez out to the floor, causing the referee to call for the bell, bringing an end to this intense showdown with a dramatic twist.

Ripley doesn’t waste any time and launches a fierce attack on Jax. She connects with a devastating head kick that sends Jax crashing to the canvas like a sack of bricks. The impact is palpable.

However, Rodriguez intervenes and pulls Ripley off of Jax. The two women, Rodriguez and Ripley, engage in a heated brawl, exchanging blows and determined to assert their dominance.

Ripley, not one to back down, drops Rodriguez with a powerful headbutt, showcasing her resilience and strength. But the chaos doesn’t end there.

Shayna Baszler suddenly storms into the ring and joins the fray, attacking Jax as well. Ripley takes it upon herself to pull Baszler away from Jax, creating a tense standoff.

Both Ripley and Baszler argue over who should have the privilege of taking on Jax. Tensions escalate as Ripley pushes past Baszler, asserting her claim. Baszler responds by executing a quick and brutal waist lock, sending Ripley flying across the ring with a vicious German suplex. The force of the move is awe-inspiring.

Baszler follows up with a running knee, leaving Jax in a precarious situation. Jax manages to slip away, leaving a chaotic and intense scene in the ring with multiple competitors vying for dominance.

Winner : No Winner

Intercontinental Championship Number One Contender’s Triple Threat Match: Ricochet vs. Bronson Reed vs. Chad Gable w/Maxxine

The action kicks off as Ricochet gets tossed out of the ring. Reed charges at Gable, overpowering him in the center of the ring. Gable and Ricochet then team up to deliver a brutal beatdown on Reed in the corner. Their combined efforts seem to be taking a toll on Reed.

In a bid to gain control, Ricochet and Gable attempt to whip Reed out of the corner, but Reed slams on the brakes. Instead, Reed counters by launching both Ricochet and Gable out of the ring simultaneously, showcasing his incredible strength. Reed doesn’t stop there; he leaps off the apron and lands a dropkick on Ricochet in mid-air. Gable seizes the opportunity and half-nelson suplexes Ricochet on top of Reed, intensifying the chaos.

After a commercial break, Reed asserts his dominance with an incredible Samoan drop, taking down both Ricochet and Gable at the same time. The impact is staggering.

Ricochet retaliates with a superkick that sets up Gable for a German suplex, but Reed falls out of the ring, escaping the move. Ricochet seizes the moment and executes a remarkable dive to the outside, showcasing his agility and fearlessness.

As Ricochet rolls back into the ring, Gable locks him into a relentless ankle lock, cranking the hold. However, Ricochet manages to roll out of the submission attempt and lands a powerful running knee on Gable.

Ricochet then climbs to the top rope, hoping to capitalize on his momentum. But Gable cuts him off with precision, hitting a German suplex from the top rope. Ricochet manages to land on his feet, but his knee buckles, hampering his movement. Gable seizes the opportunity, grabbing Ricochet and executing the Chaos Theory, a move that leaves Ricochet vulnerable.

Reed, not one to be sidelined for long, immediately lifts Gable and slams him onto Ricochet. He follows up by flattening both men with a senton, further intensifying the punishment. Reed finishes the sequence with an awe-inspiring Tsunami splash, pinning Ricochet for the impressive victory in a match filled with breathtaking high-flying and power moves.

Winner : Bronson Reed Become Intercontinental Championship Number One Contender

JD McDonagh w/Dominik Mysterio vs. Drew McIntyre

The tension in the ring reaches a boiling point as McDonagh slaps McIntyre in a bold move. However, McIntyre remains unshaken, his determination clear. McDonagh continues to land a series of strikes, attempting to rattle McIntyre.

In response, McIntyre decides to take matters into his own hands and chases McDonagh around the ring. The momentum shifts dramatically as McIntyre delivers a massive back body drop, sending McDonagh crashing to the mat. He follows it up with a neckbreaker, showcasing his relentless offense.

With the crowd rallying behind him, McIntyre signals for his signature move, the Claymore. But before he can execute it, McDonagh seizes an opportunity and chop blocks McIntyre’s knee, exploiting a weakness. McDonagh then focuses his attack on McIntyre’s injured knee, inflicting pain and trying to weaken his opponent.

McIntyre, fueled by the adrenaline and the support of the fans, refuses to stay down. He fights back valiantly, determined to overcome the odds.

However, the tide turns again when Dominik interferes. Dominik distracts McIntyre, allowing McDonagh to continue working over his knee. This leads to a crucial moment in the match.

Dominik attempts to pull McIntyre out of the ring, but McIntyre manages to fend him off with a well-placed kick. With McDonagh momentarily distracted, McIntyre seizes the opportunity and surprises him with the future shock DDT, a move that stuns the audience.

McIntyre isn’t finished yet, and he puts an exclamation point on the match by connecting with his devastating Claymore kick, securing the victory in a hard-fought battle.

Winner : Drew McIntyre

NXT Women’s Championship Match: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Tegan Nox

The match is in full swing as Nox attempts a running knee, but Lynch narrowly avoids it, showcasing her agility. Lynch then uses her flexibility to “matrix” out of a pinning attempt by Nox, displaying impressive athleticism. Nox and Lynch engage in a back-and-forth exchange of pin attempts, each trying to secure the upper hand.

Lynch gains momentum with a series of well-placed strikes, but Nox isn’t backing down. In a strategic move, Nox targets Lynch’s previously injured arm, unleashing a barrage of running European uppercuts and finishing with a basement European uppercut. Despite the punishment, Lynch manages to kick out, displaying her resilience.

The action intensifies as Lynch traps Nox on the middle rope, setting up for a potential hangman’s leg drop. However, Nox manages to evade the move, and in a quick turn of events, she ascends to the top rope. Lynch tries to halt her progress but is met with resistance. Nox executes a precise PK on the apron, leaving Lynch reeling. Nox follows up with a running senton, but Lynch refuses to stay down and kicks out.

After a commercial break, Nox continues her assault, landing a crossbody on Lynch. Lynch attempts to capitalize by rolling Nox into her signature submission hold, the Disarmher. Nox valiantly resists, blocking the submission attempt and sending Lynch crashing into the turnbuckle.

Nox seizes the opportunity to climb to the top rope, but Lynch quickly cuts her off. Nox, however, slips out and traps Lynch in the tree of woe, setting the stage for another running senton. Nox then transitions into a cross arm breaker, but Lynch counters with a pinning attempt. Nox kicks out, showcasing her determination.

The match remains highly competitive as Nox delivers a missile dropkick off the top rope, targeting Lynch. Despite the incredible athleticism displayed by both competitors, Lynch manages to roll Nox into the Disarmher once more. This time, Nox is unable to escape the hold, and she taps out, handing Lynch the hard-fought victory in a thrilling contest of skill and resilience.

Winner : Becky Lynch (c)

WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship Match: Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes (c) vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

In the ring, Rhodes and Zayn engage in a heated exchange, trading powerful shots back and forth. Zayn takes control and drives Rhodes into his corner, leading to a tag from Jey. As Zayn and Jey circle each other, Zayn manages to drop Jey with a well-executed leapfrog. The intensity escalates, and soon, a chaotic four-way brawl breaks out, with all the competitors getting involved. The melee spills over the announce table, leaving chaos in its wake.

After a commercial break, Owens takes charge and relentlessly works over Jey. He follows up with a Swanton, showcasing his high-flying skills. Owens and Jey engage in a thrilling exchange of superkicks, each trying to gain the upper hand. Owens finally floors Jey with a devastating lariat.

Jey manages to tag in Rhodes, and Owens tags in Zayn. Rhodes seizes the opportunity and drops Zayn with a Cody cutter, a move that leaves the audience in awe. Zayn, however, fights back and knees his way out of a potential Crossroads.

Rhodes blocks Zayn’s attempt at the Blue Thunder Bomb, and Zayn counters Rhodes’ Crossroads into a Blue Thunder Bomb of his own. Rhodes kicks out, displaying his resilience.

The action continues to escalate as Rhodes counters Zayn’s Helluva kick with a Crossroads of his own. Owens intervenes, breaking up the pin and keeping the match alive. Owens and Jey then engage in their own thrilling superkick exchange, each delivering powerful kicks. Jey manages to get a near fall after Owens goes down.

As the excitement builds, Owens avoids Jey’s Uso Splash and hits a Stunner with precision. Rhodes steps in and breaks up the pin attempt, refusing to let the match end. Zayn lands a daring dive to the outside, adding to the excitement.

Jey, ever resourceful, gets his knees up just in time to block Owens’ Swanton. Rhodes makes a pivotal move, dropping Zayn with Crossroads once more. Finally, Jey and Rhodes combine forces to execute the Co-D1D on Owens, securing the hard-fought victory in a thrilling tag team showdown.

Winner : Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes (c)

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