WWE SmackDown Live Results – September 29, 2023 (United States Championship Match, Bobby Lashley on the Grayson Waller Effect)

WWE SmackDown Live Results – September 29, 2023 (United States Championship Match, Bobby Lashley on the Grayson Waller Effect)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
September 29, 2023
Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California.
Commentary: Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Kevin Patrick

We Hear From Jimmy Uso, Solo Sikoa, and Paul Heyman

WWE SmackDown Live Results – September 29, 2023

Paul Heyman, Solo Sikoa, and Jimmy Uso took the center stage at the event, and Heyman started by introducing themselves. They expressed acknowledgment to Roman Reigns and the audience. Heyman mentioned that their acknowledgment was in response to the attack launched by Sikoa and Jimmy on John Cena the previous week. A video of that attack was played for the audience.

Heyman then went on to inform the crowd that John Cena was experiencing difficulties reaching the Golden 1 Center, humorously stating that “you can’t see him” until he arrives. He also mentioned that AJ Styles was absent from “SmackDown” due to the events of the previous week.

Jimmy Uso, however, abruptly took the microphone from Heyman and asserted that The Bloodline had arrived in Sacramento. He implied that Cena’s absence was due to fear, suggesting that if Cena didn’t stay away from The Bloodline, he would suffer the same fate as Styles.

Out of nowhere, Karl Anderson appeared and launched a surprise attack on Jimmy and Sikoa. He sent Jimmy out of the ring, where Sikoa and Heyman were standing. Anderson then issued a challenge for a one-on-one match, making it clear that it was now O.C. (The Original Club) business. Both Sikoa and Jimmy seemed ready to accept the challenge, but Heyman intervened, instructing Sikoa to let Jimmy handle the situation. Sikoa then cautioned Jimmy to ensure that he finished the job.

Karl Anderson vs. Jimmy Uso with Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa

WWE SmackDown Live Results – September 29, 2023

As the action resumed after the break on WWE SmackDown Results, the bell rang, signaling the start of a heated match. Karl Anderson wasted no time, sending Jimmy into the top turnbuckle, making sure his face felt the impact. Anderson followed up with a series of stomps and a chest-thumping kick.

Jimmy, however, fought back with a well-placed kick to Anderson’s head. Anderson retaliated with a spinebuster and positioned Jimmy on the top rope, seemingly aiming for a superplex. Yet, distractions came into play as Solo Sikoa on the outside caught Anderson’s attention. The referee tried to maintain control over the situation, but Jimmy seized the moment. He resorted to eye-raking tactics, followed by a thunderous superkick. Climbing to the top rope, Jimmy executed the Uso Splash to secure the victory.

Winner:Jimmy Uso

Cameron Grimes vs. Austin Theory with Grayson Waller

WWE SmackDown Live Results – September 29, 2023

As the bell rang, Dragon Lee observed the unfolding action from the crowd. Cameron Grimes wasted no time and unleashed a powerful boot to Austin Theory’s face. Grimes followed up with an uppercut and a sharp chop, setting the tone for an intense showdown. He continued with an Atomic Drop and a swift pair of kicks targeting Theory’s chest and head.

However, Theory countered with a decisive kick to Grimes’ head and a barrage of right-hand punches. Grimes managed to regain control by ascending to the top rope, executing a picture-perfect crossbody, and transitioning seamlessly into a German suplex. Adding to his offensive display, Grimes landed another impactful kick to Theory’s chest, sending him reeling out of the ring.

Seizing the moment, Grimes leaped onto the apron and delivered a crushing kick to Theory’s face. Meanwhile, Grayson Waller inserted himself into the situation, providing Theory with an opening. Theory capitalized on this opportunity, sending Grimes face-first into the ring post, before swiftly returning him to the ring.

In a final offensive surge, Theory executed a rolling dropkick and closed the chapter with his signature move, the A-Town Down, securing the victory.

Winner:Austin Theory

WWE United States Championship – Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Santos Escobar

WWE SmackDown Live Results – September 29, 2023

In this exciting wrestling match, the action unfolds as the bell rings, and the two competitors lock up. They engage in a thrilling exchange of submission holds, showcasing their technical prowess. Escobar gains the upper hand with a powerful enzuigiri that sends Rey tumbling out of the ring, and he follows it up with a daring crossbody over the top rope.

After a commercial break, Escobar demonstrates his agility with a shoulder tackle and a perfectly executed dropkick on Rey. Rey retaliates with a lightning-fast hurricanrana and a crossbody from the ring apron to the outside. He then delivers a senton when they return to the ring. Both wrestlers collide with simultaneous crossbodies, but Rey gains an advantage with a well-placed kick to Escobar’s head, sending him into the ropes with a drop toe hold. Rey sets up for his signature move, the 619, but Escobar surprises him with a superkick, causing Rey to crash to the outside. Escobar doesn’t stop there, as he follows up with an impressive tope suicida and a daring moonsault off the barricade. He returns Rey to the ring and continues his onslaught with a pair of running meteoras. Escobar seats Rey on the top rope, delivering a devastating enzuigiri, followed by a hurricanrana and another crossbody over the top rope from the apron.

After yet another break, Escobar applies a shoulder submission on Rey, but Rey manages to escape and tosses Escobar onto the apron. However, Escobar responds swiftly with an enzuigiri. Rey attempts a springboard moonsault, but Escobar evades it, countering with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Rey fights back with a kick to Escobar’s face and attempts a hurricanrana, but Escobar catches him and sets up for a powerbomb. Rey doesn’t give in easily, rolling up Escobar, but Escobar kicks out.

The intensity of the match continues to rise as both competitors find themselves on the top rope. Escobar attempts to position Rey on his shoulders, but Rey manages to escape and executes a spectacular hurricanrana. He then dropkicks Escobar into the ropes, setting up for the 619. Escobar tries to counter, but Rey outmaneuvers him and sends him into the ropes, connecting with the 619. Rey climbs to the top rope and delivers a breathtaking Frog Splash. However, Escobar narrowly avoids it and seizes the opportunity to pin Rey. Rey quickly counters with a pin of his own, but Escobar kicks out and sets up for his signature move, the Phantom Driver. In a surprising turn of events, Rey once again rolls up Escobar, this time securing the victory. It’s a thrilling conclusion to a high-energy wrestling match.

Winner:Rey Mysterio

Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley with Dakota Kai and IYO SKY

Before the match kicks off, Charlotte Flair takes hold of the microphone and directs a pointed question at Bayley, questioning what has happened to her. Flair asserts herself as the standard of excellence, labeling Bayley as a mere stepping stone. She boldly announces her intention to challenge IYO SKY for the Women’s Championship at WWE Fastlane once she secures victory tonight.

As the bell rings, Bayley wastes no time and launches a fierce assault on Flair. She forcefully propels Flair into the top turnbuckle, face-first. However, Flair quickly retaliates with the same tactic, concluding her offensive flurry with a devastating boot to Bayley’s head. Bayley, undeterred, hurls Flair out of the ring and follows it up with a daring elbow drop from the apron.

Upon returning from the commercial break, Flair seizes the moment to make a high-flying impact, scaling the top rope and executing a spectacular crossbody. The Queen continues to dominate, showering Bayley with a series of punishing chops and culminating in a powerful Fallaway Slam. Flair’s resilience shines as she kips up and lands a decisive boot to her opponent. She once again ascends to the top rope, but Bayley thwarts her plans, yanking her down and ramming her spine-first into the corner. Bayley counters with her own flurry of chops and attempts to capitalize by charging the ropes, yet Flair catches her off-guard with a perfectly executed spear, securing the victory. It’s an impressive display of athleticism and determination from both competitors, but Flair emerges triumphant.

Winner:Charlotte Flair

More Highlights from WWE SmackDown Live Results – September 29, 2023

1.The Grayson Waller Effect With Bobby Lashley

WWE SmackDown Live Results – September 29, 2023

During the event, Waller took the spotlight, expressing his intention to save “SmackDown” in John Cena’s absence. He then proceeded to introduce Bobby Lashley.

As Lashley’s entrance music played, he made his way down to the ring and took a seat. Waller addressed The Street Profits’ loss from the previous week, and Lashley shared his thoughts, stating that although he initially believed Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins had potential, it was back to the drawing board for them. Waller then suggested that he and Austin Theory could be the tag team Lashley had been seeking, but Lashley declined the offer.

Waller attempted to persuade Lashley, but before anything could progress, The Street Profits’ entrance music played, and they made their way down to the ring. Dawkins began to explain what had happened, but Lashley interrupted, expressing that he didn’t want excuses. He made it clear that if The Profits wanted something from him, they would need to prove themselves. The Profits seemed puzzled by Lashley’s statement, but he didn’t provide further details and left for the backstage area.

Waller then introduced Austin Theory, who made his way to the ring, sharing a tense stare-down with Lashley as he passed by him. Following Theory, Cameron Grimes made his entrance.

2.John Cena Finds A Partner For Fastlane

John Cena steps into the spotlight, emphasizing that he returned to WWE to compete and yearned for a match. He acknowledges how The Bloodline may have left him incapacitated, but they also left him with a contract for their upcoming Fastlane 2 on 1 Handicap Match. Despite lacking a partner, Cena faces a critical decision: tear up the contract or embrace the challenge head-on. He vows to uphold the contract, even if it means going solo.

The atmosphere intensifies as Jimmy Uso, accompanied by Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman, enters. Jimmy taunts Cena about their earlier assault on Ashante “Thee” Adonis and boldly predicts Cena won’t make it to Fastlane. He positions himself on the apron with Sikoa, ready for more action. However, Cena retaliates by striking Jimmy, attempting to execute an Attitude Adjustment on Sikoa. In a shocking twist, Jimmy superkicks Cena, coming to Sikoa’s aid. Together, they clear the announce desk and place Cena atop it, preparing for a high-impact move.

Suddenly, the arena erupts as LA Knight’s music blares, and he rushes to Cena’s rescue. Knight pummels Jimmy, delivering a barrage of right hands to Sikoa. He executes a neckbreaker on Sikoa and follows it up with a powerful move on Jimmy. A resounding elbow drop seals the deal on Jimmy. Cena sends Sikoa tumbling out of the ring, mirroring Knight’s actions on Jimmy. With Cena and Knight standing tall in the ring, Knight seizes the opportunity to grab the contract, signs it, and returns it to Cena.

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